Dan and Candace were both born into Christian homes, Dan in 1948 in New York (upstate) and Candace in 1949 in Ohio.  Candace was saved at age 9 and Dan at age 19.  They met at Northeast Bible College in 1968 and were married in 1970.  They have four adult children (a daughter Jodi; a son Jeremy, married to Jennifer; a daughter Jamie, married to Warren; and a son Jason, married to Jessica) and twelve grandchildren (9 grandsons and 3 granddaughters).  All their children and grandchildren live in Florida.

After Bible college and seminary, Dan taught at Central Bible College in Springfield, MO (1976-1980) and then served as a pastor in Ohio and New York (1980-2001).  He and Candace became missionary associates to Latvia (Eastern Europe, 2001-2003) before applying for full missionary appointment from AGWM.  They received appointment as missionaries to Rwanda in 2003 and served there from 2005-2010.

Dan’s main task is training pastors.  He has done that this past term at the Bible Training Center in Kigali, Rwanda.  Teaching is his gifting and calling–that’s what he has been equipped to do and is why he is in Africa.  He has also preached throughout Rwanda, having been to every corner of the country in response to preaching invitations.

Candace had hoped to work with orphan babies.  Health issues, mostly, have allowed the barest minimum of that.  However, her open home and hospitality have drawn a great deal of expressed appreciation from Rwandan pastors and students.  A national leader remarked that what she has done in this regard has the power to change the nation.

Dan enjoys his wife’s spaghetti sauce, NY Giants football and NY Yankees baseball. Candace likes word games (she usually beats Dan), playing the piano, and babies.  They both enjoy reading and contemporary worship music.  Besides itinerating while in the States, Dan will be working on his Ph.D. dissertation.

Their next assignment in Africa will take them to EAST (East Africa School of Theology) in Nairobi, Kenya.  Dan will also teach in the Graduate Studies Centers at EAST and in Dodoma, Tanzania; at the Addis Ababa Bible College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and at Pan-Africa Theological Seminary in Lome, Togo.  Training African leadership will define the sum and substance of his ministry.

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  1. I love reading .about all your travels and workings for the Lord. I was wondering if you know Andy and Diane Mull. He teaches at a Bibleshcool in Kenya part-time. I hope your health is better Candy. Love u guys always. I have nine grandchildren and am still a widow for 13 yrs. I have lived in the same house for 39 yrs. I work at a middle school helping special needs children. Please take care.

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  4. Dr Saglimbeni,

    My husband Kevin and I met in your Old Testament class at CBC in 1976. We will be married 40 years this May. Over the years, as we recall those awesome days we have always told students going to college, watch out who you sit next to in Old Testament. We always “blamed you for assigned seats”. In truth, you will were a huge part of our beginning life together. I went on to take Thessalonians from you.

    Kev and I are in the ministry here in Louisville, KY. We’ve been here 22 years at Evangel World Prayer Center.

    We’d love to connect with you to share our appreciation for those early years at CBC that although you never knew you played a part.

    Will you be in the states this year?


    Kevin and Darlene Miller

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