Dan and Candace Saglimbeni

Please feel free to use the above pictures and video for bulletins, web sites, or service times. The Video is available in resolutions up to 1080p by selecting the resolution button in the YouTube player. If you right click on the pictures or video links and select “Download Linked File As…” on a Mac or “Save Target As…” on a PC, you can download the images or videos at full resolution.

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  1. Hey Brother Sag & Candy!

    Your old pal Colageo. Just watched your awesome video! I’m sure many pastors in training are loving your classes as I did. You guys look like you’re doing well, and enjoying the tornado of God’s will. A retired pastor in our congregation goes to Yambio, S. Sudan to teach pastoral students also, and listening to you, and him, the word ‘harvest’ takes on a whole new meaning over there. I’m just a boring pastor in NH trying to turn cultural Lutherans into flames of the Reformation. Many are finally coming alive to the Scriptures. After all these years I’m getting ready to write a Master’s thesis on how pastors should teach the inspiration of Scripture. What’s your PhD dissertation going to cover?
    In Christ,

    • Hi Don!

      I wrote for the AG, hoping someone would read it and reconsider our dispensational eschatology. The diss title is “The Return of Jesus and It’s Implications for the Church’s Missional Task.” Bottom line: there is one coming/return of Jesus, which will not happen until all the nations have had the gospel proclaimed to them (though the NT gives no criteria by which the completion of this task may be known, thus preserving the unknowability of the time of Jesus’ coming). So, we (the Church) need to get to work.

      Good for you, both as pastor and as student.

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