To Pastors, Missions Pastors, Missions Committee Heads–all those responsible for the church’s missions efforts or the scheduling of missionary guests:

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone for a service, window, lunch, or attendance at your missions committee meeting.

Dan – dan.saglimbeni [at] – 321.514.1850

Candace – candacesaglimbeni [at] – 321.514.1982

Assemblies of God World Missions Account Number: 239111

Assemblies of God Contact Page

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi,
    You both came to see us before you left for Africa. We are in Whitehall, NY.
    Are you now in the states in preparation for your next mission? We are interested in what has been happening to you. Do you have a monthly news letter – electronic is OK.
    Any information would be nice.
    Thanks and God bless.\,
    Julie Ellis
    Missions Director
    Faith Chapel
    Whitehall, NY

  2. Dan–I stumbled across you and your wife on the internet. I don’t think you will probably remember me, but I was the young girl working as the library secretary in the Assemblies of God Graduate School Library back in 1976-78 that hurried you when doing something with the drum for a Xerox machine. Thus, the drum was scratched. I got off because I was only 18; you got in trouble….sorry!

    It was so long ago, but I remember your wife had just become pregnant. You were all excited. It looks like all your children have grown and flown the coop as mine have as well. I remember thinking how beautiful your wife was from a distance somewhat in awe. I only saw her one time when she came to the library for you. I also remember how excited about some scrolls that had been discovered in a cave.

    It was good to stumble onto your Web site. You have gone far since those days at the Grad School. Very nice!

    Lora Stone Ashelman

    • Hello Lora,

      I apologize for not seeing this sooner. Truth is, I hardly ever visit my website. You probably already figured that out.

      Wow! I don’t remember this incident. I guess I didn’t get into too much trouble since I don’t remember it. I wish I could remember you, but that’s gone too. I read your note to my wife. She got tickled about your complement. Yeah, I married a fox.

      Our four “kids” (daughter, son, daughter, son) are now ages 41 through 31. We have 12 grandkids. All of our kids and grandkids live in FL.

      Those scrolls must be the Dead Sea Scrolls. Biggest biblical archeological discovery of the 20th century.

      Well, I wish you and your family the best. Thanks for the note.


  3. Dear Pastor Dan,
    I’m currently studying to be a pastor thru the Assemblies of God in Portland, Maine.
    I recently met a young named Michael that has been running and funding an orphanage in Rwanda. God has placed the task of helping Michael’s kids. I’d like the chance to connect with you and your wife for more information about the country, and the challenges that the kids face daily.
    Pastor Dan Abotelli gave me your names to contact for more information concerning a possible mission. (I say possible because I’m working on my wife)
    ?’s I have are: Immunizations?, Fundraising?, Visa application’s?Housing Accomodations? Needs?or anything else I haven’t thought to ask.
    Thank you,
    Matt Mailo

    • Hello Matt,

      Glad to hear of your interest in Rwanda. We are in Kenya these days. But I can answer some of your questions about Rwanda.

      For Rwanda, unless things have changed since 2005, you will need virtually every shot there is. But I would check with AGWM about this.

      Regarding fundraising, if you’re going through AGWM, they will help you know what to do. The AG District Office in Portland can help you with contacting AGWM. Fundraising will take some time. AGWM will set your budget.

      US citizens may obtain a visa upon entry in Rwanda. However, once there, you will have a time limit (it used to be 90 days) to acquire a permanent visa (residence visa). You will need to bring certain documents with you. AGWM can help you contact missionaries in Rwanda to tell you which documents you need.

      AGWM and the missionaries in Rwanda can tell you about housing there.

      My wife did not get to work in an orphanage in Rwanda. I imagine that the info you want about Rwandan orphans can come from the man operating the orphanage there. Also, it would be wise to contact AGWM missionaries in Rwanda to validate info about the orphanage.

      The best course to follow is to contact AGWM with your questions. They have more info than anyone, and have been-there-done-that with regard to missions work.

      I don’t know if you are interested in becoming a missionary or becoming a supporter of missions work. Either way, AGWM is the place to start. They have been a huge blessing to us for 14 years, first when I made short-term overseas trips, then when my wife and I were MAs, and then when we became appointed.

      Best wishes,


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