My Task in Africa As I Understand It

My Task in Africa As I Understand It 

I want to help pastors and pastors-to-be to understand Scripture, of course.

I will teach that the mission of God is the best hermeneutical map for understanding the Bible, and that everything we learn–wherever, whenever, however–is equipping us to make us more useful for participation in God’s mission.

I want to help any (on the undergrad level–I’m pretty sure this is a given on the grad level) who have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit to experience that.

I want to train students–meaning not only in the classroom but in practice–to be people who pray, and who will lead their congregations to pray corporately, both as a single church and together with other churches.

I want to train them–again, in word and in practice–to worship, and to be continual worshippers.

I want them to understand, to be open to, and to be used by God in giving prophetic words–this is much needed and a NT given–and to model this as God directs.

I expect to raise up apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastor-teachers (all of these are given to the church until Jesus comes, Ephesians 4:11-13) who will make it a lifestyle to be intimate with Jesus, that is, who will spend time–no substitute for this–with Jesus.

I will teach students to surrender everything to Jesus, to put God’s kingdom (rule) before all else, and to exercise God-given authority for God-given purposes, meaning those that advance his mission.

I will teach them to trust God to work miracles–to expect God to do the impossible.

I count on students in my classes being called to help reach the least-reached peoples of Kenya, of elsewhere in Africa, as well as of any nation on earth, and to enroll in the EAST School of Missions to be trained for such work.

I will encourage students to discover–and help them in this as much as I can–their spiritual gifts and to put them to use as the Holy Spirit directs.

I fully expect God to grow me in intimacy with Jesus, to grow me in worship and intercession, to use me in giving prophetic words, and to use me to do the supernatural.

I want nothing more or less than to do my job–the task to which God has called me in Africa, which I consider to be all of the above.  I am giving myself to this end.  Candace is totally with me in all of this.

Dan Saglimbeni

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